Friday, February 21, 2020

Analysis of Brooks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Analysis of Brooks - Essay Example The theme is eminent at the begging of the book as refuges are hurrying to go back to their own home countries despite the travel barn warning issued by authorities. An example is that the airports are flooded by individuals who are fleeing from their host countries to find time of seeing their families. The planes are all boarded and individuals are even sleeping at the airport with the hope of boarding flights when opportunity avails itself. Individuals have grown to be protective of their families to the extent of even killing for them (Brooks 24). An example is that the main character despite knowing that it is not legal to shoot a fellow human since he was also san officer of the law shoots at the individuals who attacked his wife at the supermarket. Another scenario is the law officer who witnesses the shooting committed by the main character but ignores the scene just to get his stock of goods at the supermarket. While getting his daughter her medicines, the main character comes across an individual who is armed and also is search of the same medicine for his daughter. His was ready to shoot at the main character to get the medicine, but when he realizes they are in abundance, he offers some to the main character. This shows the level at which individuals are willing to go just to assure their loved ones safety (Brooks 79). Moreover, while on the run, the main character and his family comes across a building and loses their daughter there. They later find their daughter at a door asking a family who were hesitant to allow her in. This scenario shows how love had made individuals to become selfish to individuals who were stranger to them. They did not know the girl and they were protecting themselves as they did not know whether the girl standing at their door was infected or not. At the house and while sleeping, the boy at the house because of love shows pity to the