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Korean Air and China Airlines Free Essays

Exercise 1 †Self presentation Trick †Stereotype Airlines †China Airlines Instructor:Fiona Y. Hsiao ? ? : Profile-? ? 1. Advertising Sales VP 2. We will compose a custom paper test on Korean Air and China Airlines or on the other hand any comparable theme just for you Request Now (Realm of Bahrain) (Gulf Air) 3? /? ( ) 3. Obligation travel: †? 4. 5. 6. 7. : TVBS WTO , 8. : ? ?†¦ Interview Skills Outlines Stereotype Self Intro Education Work Experience †¢ Greetings †¢ Manner †¢ Characteristics †¢ Nature †¢ Professionalism Major + Activities + Learning Position + Specialties Storytelling Quick Response B + F+ Q + E Ambition for the position : What is Cabin Crew? Primary Accountabilities: †¢ You will be liable for guaranteeing the security of our visitors just as giving magnificent client care consistently. †¢ moving our visitors †¢ showing a serious extent of inspiration †¢ eagerness and responsibility in all that you do. What CI is doing? Efficient power Energy Aircraft Weight Reduction Ground Repair Service Maintenance Management : What CI is doing? China Southern, China Eastern, Xiamen Airlines and China Airlines Form †Greater China Connection† Partnership On January 3, 2013, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines and China Airlines mutually propelled the †Greater China Connection† program. The four SkyTeam part aircrafts in the Greater China area will share assets to build up a typical arrangement of CrossStrait enrollment administrations. The extent of the †Greater China Connection† program reaches out across in excess of 41 air terminals and in excess of 270 Cross-Strait flights seven days. As it were, one in each two China-Taiwan flights is given by an individual from †Greater China Connection. ‘ With in excess of 280 China/Taiwan-Hong Kong flights and about 25,000 China household flights seven days, †Greater China Connection† furnishes voyagers with a progressively broad system, increasingly visit flights, more prominent worth and progressively advantageous administrations. SkyTeam: Air France Korean Air KLM †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. : Q: What do you think of us? At the point when I become more acquainted with that China Airlines turns into the primary Taiwanese aircraft to join SkyTeam and concretes the alliance’s #1 position in the Greater China area. I feel respected being a Taiwanese. As I am mindful of, there are Star Alliance, One World and SkyTeam association, non of irliners from Taiwan can be a piece of the part. By investing so much energy that individuals don’t know, we China Airline has went to the first carrier joining group. It shows the personality of center point of Taiwan. Likewise, the ‘Plum Blossom’ advancing China Airlines’ corporate personality and introducing how bloom our group could be each day while having visitors on board†¦.. : Blood Type Parents’ Occupation Zodiac Sign Trick †Stereotype Where you originate from 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Capricorn (12. 21-01. 20) Aquarius (01. 21-02. 19) Pisces (02. 20-03. 20) Aries (03. 21-04. 19) Taurus (04. 20-05. 20) Gemini (05. 21-06. 21) Cancer (6. 22-07. 22) Leo (07. 23-08. 22) Virgo (08. 23-09. 22) Libra (09. 23-10. 23) Scorpio (10. 24-11. 21) Sagittarius (11. 22-12. 20) Zodiac Sign In-class practice generalization ?Example 1? A1: Hello, what's going on with you? Welcome to our meeting. If you don't mind present yourself in a short time. B1: I would be extremely happy to do as such. My name is _____. It’s an extraordinary name which means________. I originate from a normal and straightforward family so I show signs of improvement than with families. I fit to live in bunches rather than forlornness. A2: Are your folks nine-to-fivers? B2: Yes, they are nine-to-fivers who go to work early and return home late. A3: Do your folks bolster you to join this meeting? B3: Sure! My family thinks this is a drawn out profession and expectations that I can hold this opportunity to bring myself into this field. A4: Do you live in Taipei? By what method will you come to work on the off chance that we recruit you? To what extent does it take you on transportation? B4: I don’t live in Taipei. It’s no issue with me to be on schedule! I can drive. In the case of stopping is badly designed, I would go out prior to coordinate my obligation. : In-class practice ?Example 2? Cradle A1: Please portray yourself by utilizing 3 words. B1: It can’t ring a bell right away. Yet, I want to present myself by an expression sentence that is â€Å"work smart†. I am specific about productivity. Most social green beans can’t handle the correct point; they regularly commit errors and re-do it. Thusly, they effectively gain things delay behind the ground. generalization A2: That’s right. Where do you live? B2: I live in HsinDen where is situated in south of Taipei and close Wulai. Wulai is wonderful. Numerous individuals go underground aquifers and climbing on siestas. A3: But it’s very a long way from your place to the workplace. In what manner will you come to work? B3: Since fast way finished, individuals who live in HsinDen and Mucha for the most part go to work by either MRT or driving. I have the driving permit/driver’s permit and MRT card. Separation isn't an issue as long as I am skilled to deal with my time well. A4: What do you believe that you can’t work from nine-to-five? B4: I think it can’t be a regular place of employment in aeronautics industry. Since we have to help out air terminal activity and flight plan, I comprehended. : In-class practice ?Example 3? generalization A1: Talk about your family. B1: I’m exceptionally glad to. I originate from a scholastic situated family. My folks are instructors who are extremely reliable and all around trained. They state â€Å"to be exacting with ourselves and indulgent towards others† which is sensible to me. A2: Have you at any point discussed your ability to your family? B2: Yes. My mom concurred, however my dad was concerned. At long last my choice is the choice. truth A3: Are you living with your family? B3: No, I lease a spot with flat mates. I wasn’t accustomed to it before all else in light of the fact that we have to tidy up the latrine and trash by turns. In any case, presently, I am accustomed to living freely and sharing housework. It causes me to turn out to be progressively free and developed. A3: Do you stress that you will avoid your family companions a good ways off? B3: Yes, it possibly is valid. However, you realize that genuine warmth won’t be changed on account of separation. We have messages and mobile phones. These days, the correspondence framework is advantageous to such an extent that the entire world is much the same as a â€Å"global village†!! I am not stressed over it by any means. : In-class practice generalization ?Example 4? A1: Please quickly present yourself. B1: Sure. I originate from south of Taiwan. I am constant, understanding and can adjust to nature superior to ones from north. A2: That’s right. Will your convenience be an issue to you? B2: I need to state I need some an ideal opportunity to set up lodging, however multi week is sufficient! A3: You appear to be exceptionally sure! Notwithstanding, the compensation we can give before all else won’t be high. Might you be able to acknowledge it? B3: Normally, individuals consistently hope to have more significant compensation. I am not outstanding. I comprehend that we will have a lot of instructional classes with the goal that the pay won’t be high in the underlying stage. A4: OK. Would you be able to pivot directly here? B4: Sure. Is this alright? If necessary, I can do it once more. ?: : ~ :so that :rather than Ving/N. :coordinate : Since + , S+/. †¢ †¦ †¦:either†¦or†¦ †¢ , : as long as + . †¢ S + used to + V: , ;? ( )? ; : †¢ !! be + used to +Ving †¢ :to avoid somebody at all costs †¢ :adjust to : †¢ :an enormous number/an incredible amount/a lot (of)/a universe of ? ? ? ? ? Presently, your show t ime†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. 60’s †Greeting with your questioners. †Your name? †Your age? †School level/major? †Work understanding? †Why do you contemplate China Airline? †Reasons for being an airline steward? †What is your commitment? †Saying Thank You. : Your blood classification is â€Å"O. â€Å"Some says this sort implies individuals is obstinate and objective. What do you think? Cradle Stereotype Actually, I have heard and got this question quite often when people gets to know my blood type is â€Å"O†. Turning Iâ hadâ toâ admitâ thatâ weâ areâ somehowâ stubbornâ andâ objectiveâ Point thanâ theâ rest. However,â inâ steadâ ofâ sayingâ weâ areâ likeâ that,â Iâ wouldâ putâ inâ thisâ wayâ byâ sayingâ weâ areâ devotingâ andâ insistingâ inâ doingâ thingsâ whichâ areâ supposedâ toâ beâ doneâ inâ aâ rightâ way. Forâ example, as a employer, I believe that’s no short? cutâ whenâ doingâ work,â notâ toâ mentionâ inâ theâ serviceâ industry. Iâ believeâ thatâ weâ shouldâ provideâ servicesâ toâ customers/passengersâ upâ toâ standardâ asâ howâ weâ areâ trainedâ noâ matterâ there’sâ someoneâ checkingâ behindâ us. That’s how I am going to devote myself when flying withâ ourâ bigâ family. : †¢ Q: Please present yourself in a short time. †¢ Q: What are the three significant components from an effective airline steward? †¢ Have you ever fly w/us? What's more, your impression? †¢ If one of the PAX contacts your hand, what might you do? : ? ? * www. airjob. com. tw * service@pro-do. com. tw We Welcome You to Our Workshop†¦ : Step by step instructions to refer to Korean Air and China Airlines, Papers